I think we can all agree that the last few weeks have not been the best for news. Every time I turn on the news or read an article, I’m repented with a new despicable or infuriating story and it is far too easy to get sucked into a horrifying vortex of despair. When current events become too disheartening, and it’s too early for alcohol, I take solace in the delights of the Christmas season. Overly saccharine movies, cheerful decorations, contagious music, the antics of Weeping Radish elf Fritz Wurst von Lager, and gathering with friends brighten the dark days of winter.

And that is just was Christmas was intended to do. May scholars agree that early Christmas celebrations incorporated traditions of existing winter festivities that gave thanks for lengthening days and bountiful harvests. In fact Saturnalia, celebrated in ancient Rome, bears many similarities to Christmas traditions of medieval Europe. The Lord of Misrule or Saturnalicius Princeps, a person drawn at random from the community, led these multi-day revelries. Their commands had to be obeyed and the more outrageous and capricious the better. It was a delightful fortnight of chaos when masters dined with their servants and work was forbidden. Feasting and frivolity were the only acceptable activities from December 25th to January 6th. And you thought your office Christmas parties were outrageous!

The festivities may have shrunk over the centuries, but the joyful spirit of the season lives on. At the Weeping Radish we are happy to provide food and libation for your holiday feasts. We have a beer style for every drinker (Christmas Beer is going fast!) and our butcher has an array of sensational savories for your table. Remember, no meal is complete without Lusty Monk Mustard or Curry Ketchup! Or better yet join us for lunch or dinner. Out of respect to ancient traditions you really shouldn’t work too much in December! Let us make short work of your shopping list too – our beer glasses and T-Shirts make excellent stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts. We have beer soap made from our OBX Beer and are hosting a pop up shop for Outer Banks Bath and Body Company. Their soaps, candles, bath bombs, and gift sets are the very definition of relaxation.

Stop by the Weeping Radish on your way on or off the beach and pick up the perfect gift and a bottle of holiday cheer. Celebrate with friends and family or be your own Lord of Misrule!

Merry Christmas from the Weeping Radish Family to You and Yours!