Jack Frost came pounding on our door to help us drain the kegs before closing the restaurant for the winter. I guess he developed a taste for our beer because his frosty conditions have certainly stayed around! But the cold weather hasn’t slowed us down. The restaurant may be eerily dark and silent, but we’re buzzing in the back of the house! Equipment I swear I’ve never seen before has been pulled out of corners I didn’t know existed to be cleaned and serviced. The butchery is wrapping up the last of the wholesale orders and the brewery is filling up the fermenters. This frantic burst of activity should keep us on schedule to start painting the floors by Valentine’s Day.

I do not like Valentine’s Day. There, I said it. I may be alienating a majority of women (and more than a handful of men) with that statement but I’m not taking it back. Whether single or in a relationship I’ve never enjoyed this most romantic of days. First of all, isn’t a mandatory token or display of affection counterintuitive to the very nature of romance? Not to mention the absurd overpricing and over marketing of everything during this heady season of love. We really should celebrate February 15th when all the candy goes on sale. Red and pink hearts don’t make that chocolate any less delicious once Cupid’s on break. And that leads me to my less rational but nonetheless deeply important grudge against Valentine’s Day. Pink is my favorite color and I really like red too, but the two of them together is like visual kryptonite. It hurts my eyes and weakens whatever latent superpowers I may have. Fingers crossed I don’t end up in urgent care (again) this February!

Thankfully there is so much more than Valentine’s Day going on this month. And coincidentally much of it involves drinking beer! Groundhog’s Day has you lifting that stein over and over and over again. Mardi Gras has been the embodiment of an alcohol fueled free for all for nearly a thousand years. And of course there’s Super Bowl Sunday. A date that hints at football but basically screams beer and brats!

It’s a shame that our restaurant isn’t open for this holiest of advertising, I mean athletic events. However our retail store will be open from 11-2 Friday through Sunday and our butcher has made some fresh sausages for the occasion. We’re making prepping for game day as easy as a Tom Brady punch line! If you can’t make it to the brewery in time to stock up on beer for the big day, slide over to our website instead. There you’ll find a “Beer Finder” tab that will show you all the stores and restaurants that carry our beer. Whatever that fateful Sunday may bring, whether your team wins or loses the big game, or if the commercials are boring, or if you missed the half time show at the puppy bowl then at least you’ll be having great beer and the best brats on the beach. And that is a reason to celebrate all month long!